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How to get to Île Sainte-Marie?

 Depuis la Réunion: Vol direct en 2 heures avec Air madagascar Depuis l'Europe, l'Afrique, l'Asie, l'Océan Indien, envolez-vous vers la capitale Antananarivo (TNR) par: Air madagascar Air France Air Austral Compagnie aérienne turque Air Seychelles Air Mauritius Ethiopian Airlines Kenya Airways puis un 2ème vol vers Sainte Marie en 50 m ns avec Tsaradia A noter qu'Air Madagascar vend des billets de correspondance Paris ou Marseille vers l'île Sainte Marie (changement d'avion à Antananarivo)

National flight with Tsaradia

From Antananarivo (Tana = TNR) in 50 mns or in 20 minutes from Toamasina (Tamatave = TMM) with with Tsaradia Online payment with a visa card in Euro or in Dollars or in Ariary by phone with Orange money or MVola.

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Coming from Antananarivo (via Tamatave) to Sainte Marie Island: The trip is made in 3 parts with 2 different providers in about 13 hours for about 20 to 40 € / person depending on the companies. You will arrive at the Ravoraha hotel around noon or early afternoon 1st part: with a Cotisse Bus Antananarivo / Tamatave (around 6:30 am)                        2nd part: by bus with one of the shipping companies below: Tamatave / Mahambo or Soanierana ivongo by bus (approx 3h to 4h)                         3rd part: by boat with the same shipping company: from Mahambo or Soanierana ivongo / Ste Marie by boat (from 1h30 to 3h)  


Click on the name of the companies, they are linked , if they have a website.

CAP SAINTE MARIE +261 (0) 20 57 404 06 (Sainte marie) +261 (0) 32 05 118 08 (Sainte marie) +261 (0) 20 53 351 48 (Tamatave) +261 (0) 32 05 218 08 (Tamatave)

EL CONDOR BLUE MARINE +261 (0) 34 70 43301 (Tamatave) +261 (0) 34 70 43302 (Sainte marie) +261 (0) 34 70 43303 (Soanierana Ivongo)

SAINT MARIE TOURS-LE GASIKARA +261 (0) 34 06 015 57 Sainte-Marie- Soanierana Ivongo- Sainte-Marie

ARIANE EXPRESS Ariane Express: Sainte-Marie -Foulpointe- Sainte Marie

033 18 732 72 or 032 44 743 03

MAEVA EXPRESS Tamatave- Foulpointe -Sainte Marie

0340483936 or 0320582923



Transfer from Sainte Marie Island airport to the Ravoraha hotel: 2 € 50 

Otherwise you can come on foot in 5 minutes. 


The port is located 10 km away, you will easily find tuks tuks or taxis at the port. (In 15 minutes to reach the hotel) Count 20,000 ar

If you want a VIP welcome from us, it will be charged from 1 and up to 4 people € 15 per vehicle. (The arrival time of the boats being random, and the wait can be long, this justifies the difference in price with a tuk tuk, already on site.)

Ecolodge Le Ravoraha

Vohilava Ravoraha, Analanjirofo, Ile Sainte Marie, 515, Madagascar

The first hotel south of Ile Sainte Marie, near the airport and 10 kilometers from the port, from the town of Ambodifotatra.