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Responsible and solidarity tourism on Sainte Marie Island in Madagascar

Instead of a typical vacation, an ecolodge can offer you the opportunity to be a solidarity traveler, for sustainable tourism. Solidarity tourism is a form of travel that is respectful of the environment, populations and cultures encountered, and ensures that your trip benefits everyone. Indirectly you will participate in local economic development: for example, thanks to your stay, the children of the village will go to school for free, they will have their school supplies and a deposit of clothes and medicines at their service. You will establish healthier and more equitable contacts with the indigenous populations, and you will discover the "real country" by really immersing yourself in the local culture, refusing to be satisfied with the reductive and distorted vision that is imposed by mass tourism. .
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In the spirit of solidarity tourism and thanks to the stays of our customers, the ecolodge the Ravoraha has fully financed the school fees until today, of all the primary children of the village Ravoraha and is committed to financing them. also for future years.

We are recognized and thanked by the Malagasy Ministry of National Education for our help to children.

We collect school supplies, entrusted by our hosts, in order to redistribute them at the beginning of the year.

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In addition to school supplies, we also collect medicines left by our customers, in order to redistribute them free of charge under prescription to the villagers. To help us you can bring medicines (paracetamol, antibiotic, dressings, disinfectant, Ventolin, etc.…) We are also looking for clothes, shoes for adults or children. We also collect glasses, so empty your cupboards, you will make people happy.

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You indirectly preserve nature by staying at the Ravoraha ecolodge because we respect the environment and we do various actions (reforestation, clean up, cleaning of beaches and the village, sorting waste, no air conditioning, energy saving light bulbs, products from biodegradable maintenance, no weedkillers or pesticides. We use natural local materials for the construction (wood, Ravenal Pandanus: local thatch), they are only small structures covered with a green roof, in order to perpetuate and enhance the construction of traditional Saint-Mariens habitats.

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Hot water is produced there by solar water heaters.

The ecolodge is supplied with spring water and rainwater.

Wastewater is treated by a septic tank without the addition of chemicals or synthetics.

We use low consumption light bulbs. We only use biodegradable bamboo or paper straws.

For less plastic waste, we have banned shower gels and personal hospitality products in highly polluting plastic by replacing them with wall dispensers.

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Financing of toilets and incinerators

The ecolodge financed various hygienic toilets with septic tanks for the most needy villagers. This device aims to install odorless, solid, and durable toilets. Madagascar is one of the countries with the lowest rate of access to sanitation in the world: only 14% of families have access to hygienic toilets. Operations for the placement of several metal drums transformed into mini incinerators, in different places of the Ravoraha village so that the villagers can more easily burn their household waste.

You will meet, if you wish, the local population during sculpture lessons, the village of Ravoraha is the village of sculptors of Sainte Marie Island. You will find many wood carvings in the craft shops of our local artists.

You can go fishing in canoes with a villager. We will simply put you in touch with them. We do not rent bicycles or scooters for our guests to rent directly from the villagers in order to develop the local economy. We use local guides in the organization of the tourist circuits and trips offered to our guests

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We put flowers in the bungalows, for the pleasure of our clients who arrive at the hotel, and this helps to make a small regular income for the women of the village who have pretty flowers at home. The famous Petit Futé guide even wrote an article about it in February 2018: 

Click here to view the article

These pretty flowers are used to decorate the accommodation, but also to embellish your breakfast buffet and your cocktails.

The Embassy of France in Madagascar joins forces with the Malagasy Government in denouncing and condemning sex tourism in Madagascar. See here Warning against sex tourism Local overnight guests are not permitted at our property.

Eco friendly-Eco hotel-Green hotel

We invite environmentally conscious travelers who are open to other cultures to stay with us. Get out of conventional tourism and discover the authentic life of a village of Malagasy sculptors sinners. Discover a different way of life, rhythm, culture, religion, traditions and ways of life. Each culture, religion and way of life is subject to different rules and traditions. For a better encounter, seek to understand and respect these differences with humility, rather than comparing and judging them. Observe dress codes, especially in sacred places. Learn a few words of the local language, everyone will appreciate it and you will have one more opportunity to get in touch with the locals. Avoid falling into the stereotype of the demanding tourist to whom everything is due according to his own credentials. It is a great privilege to be able to travel differently and discover a different world far from mass tourism. Simply share beautiful moments of meetings in an exceptional environment. Consider limiting the impact of your waste and your water consumption and respect natural and cultural sites. Eco-friendly hotel.

Our representatives of solidarity tourism