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Bar lounge


Cocktail bar, rum shop in the pure pirate spirit! More than a lounge bar, it is an immersion in a pirate tavern. The marine-style decoration, like a pirate's tavern decorated here and there with antiques and second-hand goods will make you plunge into the world of another time… The tavern is made entirely of wood, with an atmosphere hushed, immediately plunging you into the world of pirates. It is inspired by the history of piracy on Île Sainte Marie. (popular base for pirates from the 17th to 18th centuries with John Avery, William Kidd, Thomas Tew, hawk, Les cornes, Olivier Le Vasseur ...) Ideal for sipping a good non-alcoholic or rum-based cocktail such as mojito, pina colada planter, coconut punch, caipirinha without forgetting all our arranged rums. In its bar in the shape of a boat with its large sail, the barman will offer you one of his mixed rums. A beautiful rum store, all kinds of homemade rums. Liters on the counter in demijohns are waiting to improve. Large comfortable sofas await you to meet up with family or friends. Arranged rums: ginger, coffee, vanilla, lychees, pepper, etc. let yourself be surprised ...