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Megaptor whale safari: 45 € / person. nosy-boraha-whale-safari Sainte Marie Island is a hotspot for discovering and observing humpback whales (megaptera novaengliae). From June to the end of September, you will have the chance to see groups of humpback whales (megaptère) from Antarctica in the Sainte Marie canal. The whale is a cetacean mammal about 14 meters in length and weighs about 30 tonnes depending on the individual. By boat, and in a small group, you and our partner will have the opportunity to observe and photograph whales and you may be dazzled by their acrobatic prowess. They perform extraordinary jumps out of the water. Megapter whales come from Antarctica to the Indian Ocean to breed from June to October, but they do not feed there; they have left the cold waters, to come to meet, mate and give birth in the warm waters of the Sainte Marie canal. They have large pectorals and their songs play an important role in this competition of sexual displays. During "safari" you can meet mothers and their calves and groups of several individuals. We chose our partner because he respects the code of conduct during your whale watching. Cetamada