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Kite surf /canoé kayak

Kite surf

 Our kite surfing partner is next to the hotel and its spot 4 kms away. The southern winter (May to September) allows for constant and prevailing south / south-east winds Certified IKO instructor (International Kiteboarding Organization. The lagoon of Ile Sainte-Marie offers an exclusive setting for learning at your own pace, in complete tranquility. CLASSES 2 hours 290,000 Ar 6 hours 750,000 Ar 10 hours 1,000,000 Ar MONITORED NAVIGATION 50,000 Ar / 1/2 day 80,000 Ar / day MONITORED RENTAL AND NAVIGATION 150,000 Ar / 1/2 day 220,000 Ar / day

Canoe Kayak

Rent a canoe kayak to get to ile aux mattes in a few minutes and enjoy it all day or just to take a little tour behind the coral reef and along the beach. Life jacket and container provided.